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Keep the mud out of your eyes

RRP Enduroguard Stops mud and spray from being thrown into your eyes from the back of the front wheel Available in two sizes to fit all suspension forks Simple to fit Seal Guard bulges protect your fork seals Can also be used as a rear mudguard Black and white versions in stock at Bike Park Ireland Price:...

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Can’t seat that new tyre?

Kool Stop Tyre Mate We’ve all had them – a new tyre that no amount of huffing and puffing and thumb stretching will seat properly on the rim. This gadget will easily pull that last section of tyre on to the rim without pinching the tube or scratching the wheel. Price: €15.00  

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Don’t over-tighten your bolts!

Ritchey Multibit Torque Key Ever heard that horrible sound of expensive carbon fibre cracking when you’ve been a bit too vigorous tightening a bolt? Or had the sinking realisation that the last quarter of a turn with the Allen key has stripped a thread in your brand new stem? The Ritchey Torque Key is a practical, low-cost solution, without going to the expense of a workshop torque wrench. Tighten your handlebar, stem and seatpost clam correctly, with no fear of over-tightened bolts or stripped threads. The torque key is calibrated to 5 Nm with an indication you both feel and hear. Comes with 5 mm, 4 mm and 3 mm hex and T-20 Torx bits Magnetic bit retention Price:...

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