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Specialized Hybrid & Commuter Bikes


Ready to roll and dressed to kill, the SIRRUS thrives on getting you there fast, and in comfortable style. Its GO! GO! GO! attitude comes courtesy of the road-inspired, lightweight alloy and carbon frames, making it a prime candidate for beat-the-traffic commutes, heart-starting weekend rides, or the event you’ve always dreamed of completing. It’s got all the function of a road bike, but with that extra confidence you get from a flat bar. The fit is dialled and ready, right out of the box, so there’s really only one way to ride this versatile beast—flat...

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The Vita delivers the best of both worlds. It’s a speedy performer that can eat miles with the best of them at a local charity ride or as part of your exercise plan, but can also see you owning the bike lane while commuting to work. With its confidence-inspiring flat bar, a frame optimised for comfort and efficiency, and full mudgaurd clearance and rack compatibility, the Vita is the perfect mix of true road speed and total...

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The AWOL is an adventurous soul wrapped in a heavy duty, do-anything body. It’ll tackle the mean streets as your durable commuter rig, but come the weekend it’ll be more than willing to let you strap on all the gear you need for an overnight camping trip and head on out into the rugged hills with you. Indulge your wandering spirit and go on an epic touring adventure, on or off-road. The AWOL has many faces—all you gotta do is pick...

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Equipped with sturdy 700c wheels, the Crosstrail is where the street meets the trail. If you’re a rider looking for the efficiency of a road bike with proven off-road componentry, your search is over. Throw a leg over a Crosstrail and experience firsthand the capability of the lightweight alloy frame, triple chainring gearing, fast rolling tyres, a tunable suspension fork, and powerful disc brakes on most...

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The ARIEL is a true hybrid. With geometry inspired by fun and fitness, including a low standover height, multiple lightweight frame options, and an off-road capable fork, it’s your all-access pass to pavement, dirt, and everything in between. With mudgaurd and rack mounts, the versatile Ariel turns from local trail explorer to fast-rolling, commuting machine in the blink of an...

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When it comes to leading a fit and active lifestyle, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort to get it with the Crossroads. Comfort is assured, thanks to exclusive Body Geometry components, such as grips, high volume tyres and its super-comfortable saddle. With its lightweight alloy frame and rigid fork, the Crossroads handles like a dream on your ‘get the blood pumping’ bike path adventures or weekend rides with the whole...

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