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Croozer child trailers

Croozer Kid for 2 Plus

The Croozer can be used as a bike trailer, stroller or buggy. The Plus version has a Sylomer® suspension system, giving a comfortable ride to babies and six-year-olds alike.



Croozer Kid Plus for 2 – comfortable all-around solution for 2 children
There’s lots of room to comfortably seat two children in the spacious Croozer Kid Plus for 2. It comes equipped with Sylomer® suspension which will make your kids feel like they’re floating on air. With the Croozer Kid Plus for 2, each child has an individual seat that you can adjust to the size of the child using the Baby Sling or additional supports. Use your Croozer as bicycle trailer, stroller or jogger.

Your Croozer always goes with you
Your Croozer Kid Plus for 2 gives you complete flexibility. You can use it as a bicycle trailer. And with its attractive, light blue finish, it is also just right for use as a stylish shopping cart. Plus, you can change it over to its jogger configuration and go running or hiking. All three tool-less conversion accessories are included free. You can reconfigure the Croozer yourself in no time at all – it’s easy. And if you need to transport it, the unit can be simply folded up and reopened in a matter of seconds. Its generous luggage space means you have room for lots of toys, extra clothing, shopping purchases, bulk items, etc.

The Sylomer® suspension gives the Croozer perfect road-handling characteristics
The unique Croozer Sylomer® suspension is as effective for a single baby (10 kg) as it is for two six-year-olds (45 kg), and there’s no need to make any adjustments. The hardness of the spring automatically adjusts to the weight of the load. Excellent suspension characteristics and first-rate shock absorption allow your Croozer chassis to remain stable on uneven road surfaces. It even withstands periods of extreme overloading without affecting performance – so you can be absolutely sure that your children will enjoy a comfortable, super-smooth ride.

Safety and protection for your children
Your purchase of a Croozer Kid Plus for 2 means your children will enjoy the very best in safety. The protected child cockpit’s highly durable design is based on a tube frame structure. In addition, there are padded supports for your child to rest upon while peacefully snoozing. Your Croozer is also protected by fenders in the event you underestimate the width of your bicycle trailer. All materials used in production are regularly monitored to ensure they remain non-toxic.

Accessories for the Croozer Kid Plus for 2
The Combi-Cover, included as standard, consists of a rain cover and anti-insect mesh that protects your children against dirt and insects in summer, and wind and cold in winter. Accessories like the Winter Bunting Bag, the Sun Protection or the Rain Cover provide even further protection from the elements. You can adapt your children’s individual seats to their particular size needs: the Baby Sling, Baby Supporter and soft fleece harness padding additionally ensure they get all the support they need. You can find details on all accessories here.

Croozer Kid Plus for 2 – facts and figures
Your Croozer Kid Plus for 2 handles a maximum payload of 45 kg. There is lots of room for your children, fitting shoulder widths up to 70cm; headroom of 65cm; and leg room of 58cm. With the 3-in-1 kit you get a hitch arm with axle-mount hitch, a stroller wheel, big front wheel with wheel arms, and a colorful safety flag. The rugged safety frame is backed by a 10-year warranty.


Models and prices
Croozer trailers are available in 2-seat or single-seat versions. The Plus models have the Sylomer® suspension system; the base models do not.

Prices include delivery to an address in the Republic of Ireland.

Kid for 2 Plus: €899

Kid for 1 Plus: €799

Kid for 2: €649

Kid for 1: €599