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Don’t over-tighten your bolts!

Ritchey Multibit Torque Key

Ever heard that horrible sound of expensive carbon fibre cracking when you’ve been a bit too vigorous tightening a bolt? Or had the sinking realisation that the last quarter of a turn with the Allen key has stripped a thread in your brand new stem?

The Ritchey Torque Key is a practical, low-cost solution, without going to the expense of a workshop torque wrench.

  • Tighten your handlebar, stem and seatpost clam correctly, with no fear of over-tightened bolts or stripped threads. The torque key is calibrated to 5 Nm with an indication you both feel and hear.
  • Comes with 5 mm, 4 mm and 3 mm hex and T-20 Torx bits
  • Magnetic bit retention

Price: €25.00

Ritchey's multibit torque key

Ritchey’s Multibit Torque Key