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Configure & personalise your dream touring bike

Koga Signature enables every cyclist to fulfill even the most demanding requirements by creating a fully customised bike using the Signature terminal at your – with the best advice thrown in.. With the innovative bike configurator, a modular custom order system, Koga offers you the opportunity to specify your own dream bike – with the high quality standards intrinsic to Koga. Koga makes no concessions when it comes to quality, stability and durability. You will reap the benefits of the superb ride quality that results: this is engineering design far beyond just attractive styling. In the Signature system all of the components are designed to work perfectly together – even with the wide choice available. Each Koga Signature is assembled entirely by hand. And for the finishing touch you can obtain to have your name permanently marked on the frame – a true signature on your dream bike. It could be a sporty commuter bike, a travel bike for your holidays – or how about a low maintenance bike with a Rohloff hub and Gates belt – or a custom touring/leisure bike? It’s up to you: you specify your very own bike and its then hand made built just for you.


Different frames in many sizes

You can choose from a variety of different frames in many sizes. The correct frame size can be calculated for you, or you could of course ask your Koga-dealer for extra advice. The frames are manufactured from lightweight aluminium (7005 alloy) with a specially developed patented mounting system for the rear wheel. All frames are designed to be multi functional and have all relevant brazed on mounting attachment points. So if after a while you decide, for example, to change to disk brakes from rim brakes, that is no problem at all.

Do you prefer a compact bike? Then you should choose the 26″ wheel size. These bikes are more manoeuvrable (even with low rider front panniers) and hence perform better when used on difficult terrain.

Do you put a high priority on ride comfort? Then select the traditional 28″ wheel size. This wheel choice is suitable for mixed riding in daily traffic as well as for longer cycle tours, on mostly surfaced roads. You can choose between ‘All round’ diamond frames, mixed frame geometry, or a low step through curved frame.

Each frame is available in either Koga Black or Aluminium Silver. The Signature® options are very varied but always of high quality, as you’d expect from Koga; for example Shimano Deore XT (drive train), Rohloff / Shimano Alfine (hub gears) gear systems, Magura hydraulic brakes, SON hub dynamo, Tubus carrier racks, Ortlieb panniers, Busch & Müller IQ lighting and Schwalbe tires. And your own signature on the bike is your guarantee that your bike is truly unique… it is after all your very own creation.


Lead time

Koga will strive to deliver your bicycle to your contracted dealer within three weeks. In exceptional cases the delivery time may be longer, and your contracted dealer will be informed of this.