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SB 66 Carbon

Proven to be as stiff and efficient on climbs as it is fast and forgiving on rugged descents.

Our Switch Technology platform allows us to take the 6 pound, 6 inch travel SB66 Carbon and turn it in to what has become a true, all-mountain rig at the top of it’s class. From World Cup Enduro and 4x National victories to the more polished pages of multiple Editors Choice Awards, The SB66 Carbon has been quite busy this season.

After two years of R&D, countless hours of testing, and plenty of Yeti employee skin left out on the trail. (It was faster than we thought. Folks went down.) We had high hopes for the SB66 Carbon. We are thrilled to report that those who gave it a shot love it as much as we do. Good to know that our focus on high-end trail bikes along with a collective commitment to deliver the best possible all-mountain rig has paid off.

If you’re someone who appreciates sprinting up climbs past the hardtails as much as you do opening it up, full-face-helmet-style on the most technical of descents, the SB66 Carbon is eager and willing to get it done….

SB66 Carbon