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SB 75

Built on the switch technology platform, packaged into 27.5″ wheels.

When we launched our SB platform with Switch Technology over two years ago, we knew we had a great product. It has since won countless awards and has been lauded worldwide for its efficiency and unique trail manners. We’re pleased to announce, it’s now been built around a 27.5″ wheel size.

The SB-75 features five inches of travel and holds true to our progressive geometry (slacker head angles, lower bb, longish top tubes). The climbing prowess of this bike is rooted in the Switch Technology: super-efficient with great small bump compliance. Turn downhill and the suspension opens up… it works better the harder you push it.

The frame features custom butted aluminum tubes that have been optimized for stiffness. This gives the bike amazing trail manners, especially when the trail gets rough.